Optimus Review – Lossless Image Compression for WordPress

optimus lossless image compression-wordpress

If you are looking for a good lossless image compression plugin for WordPress then I highly recommend you give Optimus a try. They offer very competitive pricing without having a monthly subscription and no limits on the amount of images you can compress.

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Fix Max-Width Images in MailChimp RSS-To-Email Campaign


I am a very OCD person and so I always want everything to look perfect, down to the last pixel. The other day I noticed one of my MailChimp RSS-To-Email campaigns wasn’t showing up correctly when viewed on a mobile device. The problem was the image was overflowing off of the screen. After some digging around and […]

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Improving Your AdWords Quality Score Overnight with Tenscores


If you are like me you are always looking for ways to improve and optimize your Google AdWords campaigns. Some days it can be overwhelming and sometimes you might wonder what you should be working on improving next? Well there is a tool that you just have to try out! I am talking about Tenscores. […]

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