Free WordPress CDN Plugin – Deploy in Minutes!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to deploy your CDN then look no further. Most of the WP caching plugins are rather complicated and not all features are freely available or even required at all. The new CDN Enabler plugin from KeyCDN is completely free, works with any CDN provider, and you can have your CDN integrated with WordPress in minutes.


  • Link assets to load from a CDN
  • Set included directories
  • Define exclusions
  • Enable or disable for HTTPS
  • Supports Bedrock

Follow the steps below to integrate your CDN with WordPress.

Step 1

In your WordPress dashboard click into “Plugins” and then into “Add New.”

WordPress Add New Plugin

Step 2

Search for “cdn enabler.” Then click on the “Install Now” button. (verify that it says By KeyCDN) underneath the description.

install cdn enabler

Step 3

Click on “Activate Plugin.”

activate cdn enabler plugin

Step 4

Then under “Settings” in WordPress click into “CDN Enabler.”

settings cdn enabler

Step 5

In the CDN Enabler settings, you will first want to set your CDN URL. I suggest using a CNAME with your domain.

  • KeyCDN Example without CNAME:
  • MaxCDN Example without CNAME:
  • CDN Example with CNAME:

By default the “wp-content” and “wp-includes” directories are included. No need to change that.

I add .xml to my excluded extensions because it messes with my sitemap file in my footer.

You can leave relative paths checked and choose whether you need HTTPs or not.

cdn settings

Click “Save Changes” and you should be good to go.

If this tutorial on how to set up a free WordPress CDN plugin was helpful please let me know below!

5 thoughts on “Free WordPress CDN Plugin – Deploy in Minutes!”

  1. Hey Brian,

    Deploying KeyCDN has taken me way past my existing knowledge of setting up a website. But it’s great to lean new things right!

    I’m a bit confused about if using the CDN Enabler replaces the need to create a zonealias within the CDN control panel as part of setting the CDN up on one’s site.

    In my case I did the following 1) Created a Zone in KeyCDN 2) Created a CName DNS Record via Cpanel 3) Deployed the CDN enabler.

    I was not clear if to put the created Cname ( or the CDN Zone URL in the Enabler CDN URL field.

    Is there a way to test that one has deployed the CDN correctly? When logged out from my WP site I can see the site.


    • Hey Mark! Always good to learn new things. So you will want to do one more thing actually. You are on the right track. Because you are using a CNAME, which looks nicer in my opinion you will need to do one more thing to set it up. You will want to create a Zone Alias in the KeyCDN dashboard. I attached picture. Your zone alias is what tells the KeyCDN backend that your CNAME points to the original Now once you have a zone alias setup, then take your and put it in the Zone URL field in CDN Enabler.

      Once you do that you should be able to right-click on an image on your site (when you’re logged out or in Incognito mode) and you will see the image source is at cdn….. instead of your main domain. Hopefully that helps!

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