I’m Joining the WordPress Team at Kinsta

Some of you might have noticed that some of the messaging on my websites and social have been changing. Well, that is because I have decided to make a major career change. A recent opportunity came along from Kinsta, and I just couldn’t pass it up. Sometimes you gotta go with your gut. And my gut was telling me this was the right move.

Like they say, you only live once, and so you better love what you do!

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Connecting With Kinsta

I originally connected with Kinsta’s CEO, Mark Gavalda, on Skype back in 2014, soon after they launched. We shared a lot of the same interests and opinions on how WordPress should work. I was actually one of their first customers and have admired everything they were doing since day one.

Kinsta has been making huge strides in the high-performance WordPress industry as of late. Their whole approach is to offer the latest and greatest webperf stack, along with a unique customer support approach. They know their clients by name and are the first managed WordPress host exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform. Other platform features include Nginx, PHP 7, HHVM, HTTP/2, MariaDB, and premium DNS.

Kinsta continues to regularly impress and dominate when it comes to offering a superior WordPress hosting experience. According to survey results conducted by CodeInWP in 2016, Kinsta was named the most reliable hosting company. They are also always in the top tier in the independent reviews done by Review Signal (2014 results, 2015 results, 2016 results).

Leaving KeyCDN

Some people leave their current jobs because they aren’t happy. In my case, it was the exact opposite in my role at KeyCDN.


I had been working for KeyCDN, a global content delivery network, for about a year and I loved every second of it. Our team just clicked like clockwork and we were more productive than I could have ever thought possible. So I want to give a final shout out to the team at KeyCDN and say, “It’s been a great year and I wish you guys all the best!

And of course, I will be a KeyCDN customer for life.

The Reason For the Change

For me, this was actually a very tough decision, and I had to weigh the pros and cons. But as of most of you know, I love WordPress. I have for the past 10 years. Everything I already do is in WordPress and I feel like I already live in WordPress 24×7. The WordPress community is an amazing group of people and it has been fascinating to see the open source project grow over the last decade.

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I am super excited that at Kinsta, as their new inbound marketer, I can now focus on WordPress 100% of the time and get to know the community even more. In fact, I am already hitting up the WordCamp Phoenix in October! If any of you are attending, make sure to reach out and we can connect for a quick chat. I also want to start attending some local WordPress meetups.

Besides my passion for WordPress, I am also obsessed with web performance. I think having worked for a CDN provider, it has almost put me at the scary end of that spectrum. But the great news is that at Kinsta, speed is #1 priority. So it feels like a perfect match up. That and the team over at Kinsta is just plain awesome!

I will now be writing a lot on the Kinsta blog and so I encourage you to subscribe to their newsletter. I am looking forward to helping contribute both to Kinsta and those looking for that next perfect managed WordPress host. It is going to be an exciting rest of 2016!

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  1. Just heard the news. Congratulations, Brian! Kinsta is lucky to have you. I’ve learned a ton by following you, and now I’ll follow you over at the Kinsta blog… I’ve been following Mark’s stuff for a few years now. You really like speedy companies.

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